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First Thing First

Before we get into the particulars about scaling let’s get into something I’ve never heard anyone talk about – the mentality of scaling.
Before I was successful, I would go to seminars or read books and they would always start with mindset. At the time I was like what’s this boring stuff get to the money making.
But now, after achieving some success I get it now. You can’t have success without the proper mindset.
Many people have paid me a lot to coach them over the years, and one thing I’ve noticed is that the people that don’t succeed have an unconscious fear of success.
When they start getting close they start to self-sabotage.
Another big problem that keep prospective media buyers from being able to scale is fear of spending money.
Media buying is about BUYING traffic. Obviously at a profit.
But if you want to make big money you have to spend big money. Even though we had a profitable campaign and were getting paid in a week, they couldn’t stomach spending $20k – $40k per day.
Even though they were at 100% ROI.
Sounds weird but I’ve seen it happen several times.
So if you want to scale you have to spend money. A lot.

The Snowball Effect

The beauty of scaling is you can start small and have a large campaign in a short period of time.
So you’re not starting out spending $20k – $40k a day
You can start with $500/day, which would give you $3500 for the week. At that low volume you’re probably looking at a 3:1 ROI. So that $3500 becomes $10,500.
Take that entire $10,500 and buy more traffic. At the end of week 2 you have $31,500.
At the end of week 3 you have $94,500 which will allow you to spend $13,500/day.
Now you’re down to 2:1 ROI because as volume goes up ROI typically goes down. But we’ll make it up with volume. So at the end of week 4 you have $189,000, which translates into $27,000/day you can spend.
That’s how you go from $500/day to $27,000/day in a month.
The keys are:
  1. It has to convert well
  2. Reinvest all the profits into more traffic

Who Are We?

I’ve done all this talking, and you’re probably like why should I listen to you?
The duo behind Ads Domination has separately generated 6 figures in revenue daily on Facebook. Daily.
We’re not gurus. We’re not in the spotlight, at all the events. We pretty much keep our heads down and generate millions.
A few people may have heard of me, Greg Davis, aka Mr. 50K A Day. Even though I surpassed that a long time ago the name stuck.
I get out a little, had a few events back in the day, but for the most part I stay underground.
My partner is way underground. I can guarantee you don’t know who he is. But he’s spent over $100k/day on Facebook for a long time.
I’ve met a lot of excellent Facebook media buyers. He’s the best.
He’s very private though. So private that he doesn’t want his name revealed. We’ll call him Facebook Wizard.
So we’re not just some guys that had a little success on Facebook and decided we’re experts and should charge for our knowledge.
We didn’t just get lucky back in the day when Facebook was the Wild Wild West. I mean I did crush it back then but we’re still doing it.
Even though it is a lot harder now. Facebook is a lot stricter now, and on a hair trigger when it comes to disabling accounts.
We’re not Johnny Come Latelies.
I’ve been buying traffic since 2000, before there was a Facebook. Facebook Wizard not quite as long but he’s been on Facebook since it existed.
And we have generated over $100M in online sales.
We know what we’re talking about.
I can tell you for a fact that very few people use my methods. Absolutely no one is teaching it.

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