Andrew Foxwell – AAA Program: Assessment, Action, Ascension

AAA Program Expected Outcomes

With the AAA program, you and your team will be equipped to take your ad accounts to the next level thanks to hours of our unparalleled insights, insider best practices, and helpful tools from the best in the biz.

You’ll learn everything you need to know from setting client expectations, reporting, financial calculations each client needs to do, along with funnel structure, an incredibly deep creative course, technical requirements for a high-achieving account, how to expand into other top performing channels immediately (TikTok, Performance Max, Email/SMS, and YouTube), and much more.

The AAA program was created to bring junior to mid-level ad buyers into the big leagues. It can serve as a comprehensive, full-team training tool that you don’t have to create from scratch.

Course Outline & Takeaways
client goal setting and expectation management
meta account assessment and optimization
client reporting
internal reporting
what metrics to focus on to drive sales
reporting with third-party tools, including Northbeam and Triple Whale
attribution window choices and decision making
why first-party data matters
soft reporting metrics
hard reporting metrics
helping clients figure out what numbers they have to hit
custom metrics
Google Data Studio / Supermetrics
explaining attribution
audience structure
prospecting audiences
middle funnel and bottom funnel structure
an ideal remarketing setup
using your catalog properly
finding new customer segments
setting up Meta Shops properly
using Advantage+
landing pages to test
creative sourcing
creative cornerstones
types of creatives needed
creative testing
creative scaling
creative review process
TikTok ads mastery
Performance Max ads mastery
YouTube discussion
email and SMS mastery
checking your pixel
checking your catalog
checking your events
and SO much more!

Phase One: Assessment
Phase 1: The Customer Assessment
Phase 1: Reporting Overview
Phase 1: Understanding The difference between Hard and Soft Metrics
Phase 1: Reporting Discussion Between Pros
Phase 1: Google Data Studio Supermetrics Reporting
Resources: Basic Financial Literacy for Clients
Resources: Reporting Worksheet Template One
Resources: Reporting Worksheet Template Two
Resources: Founders Membership Preview: Optimization Walkthrough
Resources For Beginners: How to Optimize Accounts Right Now
Resources: MER vs aMER Worksheet
Resources: Advanced Deep Audit of a Meta Account

Phase Two: Action
Phase 2: Full Funnel Set-up and Targeting Research
Phase 2: Placement Considerations and Technical Notes
Phase 2: How One Agency Thinks About Optimization
Resources: How to set a cost cap bid properly
Resources: Landing Page Inspiration
Resources: Website Teardowns and Audits with Kurt Elster (Interview)
Resources: 17 Quick Wins to Improve Your DTC Landing Page

Phase Three: Creative
Phase 3: Building and Sourcing Creative
Phase 3: Story Boarding, Different Platform Creative Examples and Creative Review
Phase 3: Creative Testing, Analysis and Scaling
Phase 3: Creative Reporting
Resources: How To Set Up A Creative Testing Structure
Resources: How To Get Influencers for UGC, A Playbook (Interview)
Resources: Mini-Masterclass: Why Humans Buy Anything
Resources: Creative Testing & Analysis Map
Resources: TikTok Spark Ads Instructions for Creators
Resources: TikTok Ads Best Practices 2022
Resources: TikTok Ads Safe Zone Template
Resources: IG Reels Ads Safe Zone Template
Resources: IG Stories Ads Safe Zone Template

Phase Four: Diversification
Phase 4: A beginners guide to TikTok Ads with Brad Klein
Phase 4: Google Performance Max and YouTube Ads
Phase 4: Email and SMS Basics
Resources: Google: Affinity Audiences for Brand Advertisers
Resources: TikTok Ads – Best Practices
Resources: TikTok Ads Mastery and Tips, with Cody Plofker
Resources: Google Ads Deep Account Audit – Live Walkthrough
Resources: Performance Max Resources

Phase Five: Tech Checks
Phase 5: Pixel Check-up
Phase 5: Understanding Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM)
Phase 5: Conversion API (CAPI) Check Up
Phase 5: Catalog Set-up.mp4
Resources: Meta Outage Notifications – Slack RSS Feed

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