Authority Hacker – The SEO Penalty Pack

What You’ll Find Inside The Blueprint:

Introduction: How The Process Works
In this intro module, we will show you how the overall system works, and why it works by explaining how Google grade your site and pages.

Part 1: Case Studies
We’ve used this system on several different sites and managed to either bump the traffic up or recover lost traffic to updates like The Helpful content Update or Core updates.

In this module, we will show you the exact case study, how they applied our methodology and the result they achieved.

Part 2: Crawling Your Site
Before you start your audit, you need to make a list of your URLs and collect key metrics about them. We’ll show you a quick, easy and free way to do a full crawl of your website to identify exactly which pages need attention.

Part 3: Preparing Your Audit Environment
Once you have collected the data, we will walk you through our custom Audit template built on Notion. It’s free of charge and does a lot of the heavy lifting for you by pre-filtering your URLs in decision buckets to save you time.

Part 4: Grading Individual Pages
Once you’ve built your auditing environment, we will you through our custom grading system that mimics the way Google looks at your site. This will help you identify the pages that are likely to get your site in trouble and what needs to be done with them.

Part 5: Making Decisions
After auditing your pages, you will have to decide what to do with them. We will walk you through all the possible scenarios and when to do what based on previous audits we’ve done.

Part 6: Getting Audit Decisions Done
Deciding on a page doesn’t bump your traffic back up. Acting on this decision does.

This is why we’ve built a complete Audit to-do system inside our template to help you keep track of all the decisions you have made and ensure they get done.

This module will show you how the system works and how to track your progress effortlessly.

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