Scott Oldford – Skip The Pitch 5 Day Workshop

What You’ll Learn:

  • Relevancy and the 8 core elements of relevancy and how to build them easily and effortlessly both in your marketing and your “sales” no matter if someone has known you for 5 minutes or 5 years. 
  • How to use “consciousness-oriented” messaging to understand exactly what allows for someone to say “yes” or “no”.
  • The mindset of your leads and how to easily know where someone is, allowing you to tailor your text, email or phone call directly based on their mindset.
  • How to build questionnaires, intake forms and application forms that are meant to allow for easy enrollment.
  • How to run sales phone calls in a way that feels good from a place of power, influence and ease without ever feeling like you’re selling anything.
  • How to use email and text messages for selling with examples and case studies, where I’ll walk you through exactly why I said what I said.
  • Objection handling and knowing exactly what to say when, why and how to say it.
  • The 4-Step Close Mindset Methodology allows you to use the pick-up, lift-off strategy to easily allow people to understand themselves, so they can buy whatever you’re selling easily.
  • My follow-up strategy has generated massive revenue, without feeling annoying or “too much”.
  • How to use piecemeal omnipresence, so it’s extremely easy to run a campaign of being “everywhere” for someone.
  • The 3 C’s of Intimacy and how to build intimacy so someone feels like you know them.
  • The Art of Magnetization and my 4 part grid system allows you to be magnetizing to people both before and during the process in which they buy from you.
  • Showing you how to ensure you never need to hire a sales team and ensuring you are on as few sales calls as possible with the highest number of sales. 
  • How to build your marketing system and lead generation system so you never have to worry about leads that are “hard to get”.
  • The process of being able to outsource your sales, increasing your prices, price testing… 
  • And much, much more…

What You Get:

FIVE LIVE SESSIONS that will be 90 minutes, where I will teach you everything needed to use social selling in your business. You’ll get access to the replays the same day, so you can dive in.

You will get FIVE Q&A sessions after each teaching sessions, ensuring that you have ALL of your questions answered and plenty of time with me.

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Iman Gadzhi Copy Paste Agency -[Full Completed]

“How to Rapidly and Sustainably Scale Your Agency”
INTRODUCING: Copy Paste Agency

When You Join Copy Paste Agency You’ll Be Able To…

Automate your lead generation, improve your sales process, and productize your service delivery
Demand higher, longer-lasting retainers from your dream clients (the freedom to choose)
Get exclusive support from Iman Gadzhi, and the IAG Media CMO, Dany Benavides

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David Barnett Business Buyer Advantage

What You Learn:
Why would you want to own a business
Buying vs. Starting a business
How to start looking for a business
Understanding buyer and seller motivations
Negotiation fundamentals and BATNA
The steps in the buying process
Finding GOOD businesses for sale
Using Intermediaries
The initial contact with the seller
Understanding business processes in the interview
The seller’s mindset
Examining the business
Businesses vs. Companies what are you buying?
What is a business?
Normalizing financial statements (recasting)
SDE vs. EBITDA cash flows
Identifying problems
SWOT analysis and small businesses
Simple forecasting
Determining the value of the business
Methods of business valuation
A sample case study
Financing methods
Proper deal structure
Qualities of vendor vs. Institutional debt
Making offers
Actual deal examples from my business brokerage practice
Understanding asset vs. share purchases
Building your team
Due diligence
Understanding risks
Buying a business in a recessionary economy

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Charlie Chang The 6-Figure YouTube Academy

Helping you get past your pain points…
With this course, my goal is to help guide you through the biggest pain points of growing a YouTube channel:

Breaking past that “slow growth” period and entering the exponential growth portion
Staying consistent: channels fail because creators run out of energy and content ideas. My proprietary 6R System gives you the easy way to create hundreds of video ideas so you never run out.

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Nick Abraham Outbound On Autopilot

Nick Abraham Outbound On Autopilot What You Get: ✔️ Video – Zapier Vocab/Terminology ✔️ Video – Your first zap ✔️ Video – Filters in Zapier ✔️ Video – Delays in Zapier ✔️ Video – Formatter in Zapier ✔️ Video – Scheduling in Zapier ✔️ Video – Automated SMS notifications ✔️ Video – Webhooks and Apis ✔️ Video – Code Injection in Zapier ✔️ Video – How to create systems ✔️ Video – Internal lead generation on autopilot ✔️ Video – Automating Sales ✔️ Video – Automating Onboarding ✔️ Video – Omni Channel Prospecting (on Autopilot) ✔️ Video – Auto charge clients for Pay-Per-Lead/appointment This course will teach you ✅ How to do lead generation end to end on autopilot. ✅How to auto bill clients in real time, no more invoices or net terms. ✅How to onboard your customers automatically. ✅How to track VA and Employee efficiency. ✅How to look at your business from a new lens, quickly identify bottlenecks and remedy them with automation. ✅How to to use Zapier automation to make your existing technology stack work FOR you. ✅How to never have to copy and paste data between applications.

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