Laurie Burrows 5 Figure Launch System

Finding Your Ideal Client

Understanding your ideal client is the foundation of having a 5 figure launch. A lot of people under estimate how important this is.
We will cover:
  • Why having a niche important
  • How to find your ideal client
  • Problems people are willing to invest highly in
  • What your ideal client wants from you
  • How to increase the amount your ideal client will pay

Creating A Profitable Course

You will learn how to create a course your audience actually wants to buy.
We will cover:
  • How to develop your course ideas
  • What to include in your course
  • How to structure your course
  • How to price your course
  • How to create your course
  • Software for creating your course

Building A Ready To Buy Audience

It is important that you know how to attract, nurture and convert your audience. In this module I will teach you my techniques for exactly that.
We will cover:
  • Attracting and nurturing an audience
  • The customer journey
  • Different content types
  • Creating content that converts your audience
  • Creating a convertible freebie

Organic Social Media Marketing

This module continues on from building a ready to buy audience.
We will cover:
  • How to build, grow and leverage your Facebook Group.
  • How to use Instagram effectively to gain new clients.
  • How to build and grow your email marketing list.

Launch Strategy

Now your program is created, it is time to launch it. In this module I will teach you how to hit those 5 figure launches.
We will cover:
  • 5 figure launch plan
  • 5 figure launch checklist
  • Creating a sales pages
  • Creating a challenges
  • Creating an email sequence (including my email templates)

Selling Like A Pro

To have a 5 figure launch it is important you know how to sell.
We will cover:
  • The importance of your mindset
  • Why people buy and how to convert the,
  • Dealing with objections
  • How to sell through your content
  • How to do a sales call

So, You Will Get:


40+ Self-Paced Training’s On How To Create, Launch & Sell Your Courses & Programs ($6000 Value)

Not only will you learn how to create and launch a sellout course, you will also learn how to position yourself as an expert, build an engaged audience who are ready to buy from you and how to continue to scale your business each month!

Live Bi-Weekly Training ($6000 Value)

You will have access to live training on how to create your course, build funnels, mindset and more.

Live Bi-Weekly Q&A For As Long As You Need Them ($6000 Value)

Where you will individually get coached and consulted on your course, launch, sales and mindset. I will help you map out your launches and answer any questions you have.

Private Facebook Mastermind Group

Community is so important and now more than ever… you have the opportunity to get out of isolation and into a supportive inspiring group

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