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Welcome to AI Filmmaking from Curious Refuge. This is the world’s first online course for showing you how to use AI to create films. Our training will cover various aspects of the production process from prompt engineering to animation and movement. This training is used by Hollywood professionals and everyday artists alike. AI can help you create incredible films and streamline your creative process. We’ll show you how!

Join the Course to Gain Access to:
4 Weeks of Video Modules

12 Months of Content Updates

Private Group Chat Access

Feedback from Pro Artists

A Network of Award-Winning Directors, Producers, and Artists

Weekly Homework Assignments and Critiques

Downloadable PDFs

Prompt Templates

CustomGPTs for Filmmaking

After Effects Templates

Title Templates

Notion Templates for Organizing the Production Process

Distribution Feedback and Critique

Community Events and Contests

Bonus Live Q&A Events & Live-Streams

Caleb Ward

In the Course You Will Learn How to Use AI for…
Ideation + Scriptwriting:
Learn how to utilize AI text tools to generate new ideas, write scripts, and format your project for the production pipeline.

Art Direction + Curation:
It’s vitally important to have an eye for the type of art you want to create. We’ll teach you the tools we use to assist in the Art Direction process.

Prompt Mastering + Directing:
Prompting is an artistic skill that requires discernment and technique. We’ll show you how to engineer great prompts for visual storytelling.

Pitching + Storyboarding:
Learn to create a dynamic storyboard and pitch your idea utilizing the power of AI. Learn to visually communicate your film before it exists.

Editing + Pacing + Character:
With great artwork in hand, we’ll now show you how to bring everything together in a meaningful way.

Sound Editing + VO:
We’ll utilize the power of AI to help us with sound editing and VO directing. No microphone required!

Cinematography + VFX:
We’ll show you how to pull off various cinematography techniques utilizing AI tools and simple VFX applications.

Distribution + PR:
Now that you have a finished film, it’s time to get it out in the wild. We’ll show you how to utilize AI to help with distribution.

Workflow Optimization:
AI has the power to speed up and optimize virtually every aspect of a film and video production pipeline. We’ll show you how.

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