Dickie Bush – Full Stack Writer

Full Stack Writer is a bundle of 8 Mini Courses, each containing both text and video lessons, which are hosted in our 7- Figure Writer Skool group.

Mini-Course 1 – Viral Writing:
Inside our Viral Writing Mini-Course, you´ll find everything you need to know to get strarted writing on-line…

Including how to test different niches, how to spot “winning” topics, how to format your content for reader engagement, and how to write about ANY topic to maximize virality (without “dumbing” the content down or alienating your target readers).

A proven – 30 day Content Strategy and Posting Schedule
Our Framework For Finding Your 1st Niche In Record Time
A Crash Course On How To Write Viral Content On X, LinkedIn, and Medium
And dozens of other frameworks, templates, and resources to help you start writing online and build an audience of loyal readers
Mini-Course 2 – Newsletter Writing:
Inside our Newsletter Writing Mini-Course, you´ll unlock our framework for ideating, naming, and launching your first newsletter.

But that´s not it!

You´ll also get access to our proven templates – which you can use to accelerate the writing process, impress readers, and differentiate your newsletter from “everyone else”.

A Crash Course On Free vs. Paid Newsletters
Our “Viral Loop STrategy To Build Your Email List On Autopilot
And 4 Newsletter Templates Anyone Can Use To Engage And Captive Readers
Mini-Course 3 – Offer Creation:
With Our Offer Creation Mini-Course, you´ll master the subtle art of framing “what you do” as the vehicle to unlock some sort of tangible benefit for the customer.

This is a masterclass in how to position yourself, and your products and services, in a way that stops customers dead in their tracks, immediately understand what you´re proposing, and allow you to charge a premium.

How to Choose and Name Your Superniche Digital Product
Implementing Our Irresistible Offer Script For Your Digital Product Or Service
The Single Biggest Pricing Mistake You Should Avoid (And How To Charge A Premium)
And dozens of other frameworks, templates, and resources to help you charge more, makes sales with ease, and 10x your writing income.
Mini-Course 4 – Landing Page Copywriting:
In our Landing Page Copywriting Mini-Course, you´ll get our entire framework and template for writing landing pages that convert custumers on autopilot.

You´ll also get instant access to:

A crash Course on Educational Copywriting
Our 7-Figure, 10-Step Landing Page Template
3 Tips To Keep Your Refund Rate To a Minimum
Mini-Course 5 – Sales E-mail Marketing:
You´ll get access to our never-before-released 7-Day Countdown Sequence that we run before every cohort of Ship 30 for 30.

These 7 emails (along with templates you can use for your own products and services) have generated over $3,000,000 in Ship 30 for 30 sales – and we reuse them over and agin (because they are good)

In addition to that, we´ll also walk you through:

Why Email Marketing Is Critical In Every Digital Writer´s Bussiness
How to Write Irresistible Subject Lines To Get Your Audience To Open Your Emails
The Single Biggest Mistake Keeping Most Digital Writers and Creators Broke (And How To Avoid it)
Mini-Course 6 – Al Prompt Writing:
We´ll give you a step-by-step walkthrough of how we write prompts (for ChatGPT, but also Bard and Claude) that 10x your efficiencies as Digital Writers and Digital Entrepreneurs – along with some of our favorites from our Write With Al archives, incuding:

The 2-Year Test: Turn ChatGPT Into Your Personal Idea Generation Coach
How To Train ChatGPT To Write Targeted Sales Copy To Make An Irresistible Offer With The 5 Stages Of Customer Awareness
Pinpoint Writing With Al: How To Go From Idea To Newsletter In 11 Minutes
Mini-Course 7 – Ghostwriting:
You´ll get a complete crash course on ghostwriting As A Career, along with our “Free Work Pitch” strategy for finding and pitching your very first ghostwriting client.

This is the exact approach Cole used to build the first ghostwriting agency – scaling to 23 full-time employees, 80+ concurrent clients, and over $2,000,000 in annual revenue.

In addition to that, we´ll also walk you through:

The Biggest Difference Between Freelance Writing and Ghostwriting
A 5-Step Framework For Ghostwriting Anything For Anyone
The 3 Most Lucrative Ghostwriting Services You Can Offer
Mini-Course 8 – 7 Figure Writer Roadmap:
Lastly, we´ll share with you our stories hitting 6 and then 7 figures in revenue as Digital Writers – what we learned, what we would do differently if we were starting over agin , and the exact order we would recommend you take in order to fast-track your success (without making all the mistakes we did!).

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