Digital Income Project – Instagram Blueprint OS

In this course, I reveal the simple steps, tools, and methods I’ve used to build multiple instagram accounts to millions of followers and the monetization methods to make hundreds of thousands of dollars on social media.
1. Getting Started:

The road that lays ahead

The Anatomy of a Successful Instagram Account

Determining Your Niche

Digital Real Estate

Getting Started

2. Algorithm Bootcamp:

Formula for Going Viral

Reels vs Carousels vs Posts

Analytics 101

Basic set up

3. Your Content System:

How I create posts

How I create reels

Researching Viral Topics

Scripting 101

4. Growth Hacking:

The Only System That Works

Veteran Strategies

5. Build a Cult Like Audience:

Trust and Engagement

Community Management

6. Monetization:

$4 to 5 Figure #ad Deals

Digital Products That Sell on Autopilot

Other Strategies

Become an Affiliate and Earn

7. Long Term Vision:

Exit Plan

A Small Ask…

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