Drake Surach – ChatGTP Mastery Course

What You Get:
25+ Course Modules
Get access to 25+ ChatGPT course modules. These modules are designed to help you go from creating an account to solving complex problems with ChatGPT. These course modules will update as ChatGPT updates!

ChatGPT Notion Template
Obtain entry to a Notion template I personally customized for ChatGPT organization and workflow! This template helps organize your prompts and notes in folders and keeps everything ChatGPT related in one place.

Course Content:
Section 1 – ChatGPT: The basics, account creation, use cases
What is ChatGPT?
Creating an account
The dashboard and settings
Free vs plus
ChatGPT use cases
Section 2 – Beginners Prompting
Prompting questions and commands
Output formatting
Concision and context principles
Adding system functions
Descriptors, styles, tones
Section 3 – Advanced Prompting
Few-shot prompting
Synthesized learning (dual prompt approach)
Prompt priming
Problem-solving paradigm
Section 4 – Plugins and Web Browsing
Enabling features and understanding opportunities
Web browsing guide and use cases
Plugins guide and use cases
Section 5 – Ethics and Limitations
Section 6 – How I’ve Applied ChatGPT for Success
Scaling my income using ChatGPT
Tailored health and workout plans using ChatGPT
Generating AI image prompts using ChatGPT
Section 7 – ChatGPT Organization Hub (Notion Template)
Workspace installation process
Workspace navigation
How to utilize this workspace

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