Nik Maguire Course Selling Masterclass

Sometimes called self-liquidating funnels, self-funding funnels are a digital marketing strategy where new students are acquired through paid advertising (usually on social media) and the cost of advertising is automatically recovered (or exceeded) through tactical sales.
This significantly increases new enrolments for the school and builds qualified email lists for future up-selling.
Nik Maguire Will Walk You Through Each Stage Of Building A Self-funding Funnel For Your Teachable School.
In this step by step tutorial, best selling author and digital marketing veteran this step by step course builds a live and published self-funding funnel for a new teachable school in the fitness sector.
Watch as the self-funding funnel generates new course sales within 24 hours.
Then see after 1 week that this self-funding-funnel has generated 50 new course sales and paid for all the advertising.
Every element of this funnel build is narrated as it is being built in real time and includes:
The funnel strategy – Lead Magnet, Trip Wire + Bump
Teachable sales page optimisation and sales copy improvements
Facebook audience and campaign creation which is integrated into Teachable
Customer journey from WordPress website to Teachable (alternative funnel)
Email automation solution (Mailchimp) for up-selling students that didn’t buy straight away
Results from day 1 with 50 course sales in one week covering all advertising costs (self-funding)
Easily replicate on your own Teachable school

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