ClickMinded – Email Marketing Course

How email marketing fits into your business

  • Why email marketing is fundamentally different than any other channel out there (and how to convince ANY client, boss, or teammate to invest in email marketing)
  • Simplifying the way you think of email marketing: there are only THREE types of emails and TWO methods of distribution
  • The three fundamental principles that you need to always keep in mind when working on email marketing
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Cold Email Wizard The Vault

The best way to succeed is to see what’s working now

That’s why this product will include absolutely 100% free updates with new conversions added monthly.

On top of that, you can see what kind of offers sell

The biggest hiccup most people have is not knowing what to sell.

They know how to send cold emails and get responses. But they can never nail down a solid offer – and just have no sense of what’s working right now.

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Tarzan Kay The Copy Kit

What You Get:

An email sequence cheat sheet for at-a-glance planning
The 6-Figure Sales Page Template (people have been asking if they could buy my template for YEARS…now you can!)
The Email Sequence Swipe File—say ‘bye to email sequence overwhelm! I’m giving you TWO FULL PROMO SEQUENCES to swipe and make your own
Sales Page Prep Sheet-a workbook to get you ready to build out the money maker
The Pattern Interrupt Cart Close Email Video Lesson that gets your subscribers to sit up and take notice right at the end
And introducing, my brand-spanking-new, TRELLO Board Launch Copy Plan

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The Netcore Inbox Expo 2021

The INBOX EXPO conference is about email and its related technologies. Our content covers the entire gamut from marketing to security, deliverability and anti-spam.

Inbox Expo is the one event that gurus, practitioners, and technologists all attend.

From those who are new to the business of email, marketing automation, deliverability and compliance through to seasoned experts have something to gain.

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Chase Dimond 7 Figure Email Playbook

What You Get:
Core Email Flows (Pre Purchase)

Welcome Series for Non Buyers – Overview + Email 1
Auto Resend Welcome Email 1 to Non-Openers
Welcome Series for Non Buyers – Email 2, 3 and 4
Overview of The 4 Abandoned Flows
How to Setup the Active on Site + Viewed Product metrics
How to Setup the Added to Cart Metric
Site Abandonment
Browse Abandonment
Abandoned Cart Flow
Abandoned Checkout Part 1
Abandoned Checkout Part 2
Back in Stock
Standard – Customer Thank You – New vs. Returning Customer
Unique – Customer Thank You + Customer Review Request
Cross-sell / Upsell (as a campaign)
Cross-sell / Upsell (as a flow)
Replenishment Reminder
Customer Winback
Sunset Unengaged (aka break up series)

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Email Marketing 101

Learn Email Marketing in a Few Easy Steps

What you’ll learn

  • How Email is used to generates income
  • How to Build email lists
  • How to create revenue from an email list
  • How to setup and use an auto-responder
  • How to make money sending emails
  • How to make money with affiliate marketing sending emails
  • How to increase your email open rate
  • How to optimize your lead capture page to generate more leads
  • How to create your lead magnet

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