Ryan Lee – The Niche Association Workshop

What You’ll Learn:
The simple 2-step formula to create the perfect name for your association.. one that’ll stand out from the pack!
How to have unlimited content.. for FREE.. without writing a single word (and discover the perfect amount to deliver)
How to create an entire line of backend, revenue-generating products without lifting a finger. This software does it all for you.
The #1 way to bring in new members… for FREE
How to have the biggest influencers in your space lining up to work with you!
How to create a 6-figure payday in 48-hours.
Do you need a board of advisors? The truth about this tricky subject.
The biggest difference between a membership site and a niche association (and why the association crushes it!)
3 ways to double your membership conversion
The #1 secret to increase retention by almost 90% – and none of your competitors are doing this
Which software is right for your niche association (and which to avoid like the plague!)
And SO MUCH more…

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Scott Oldford – 7 Day Cash Campaign

What You Get:
What type of 7-day campaign will work for you…
What type of campaign to focus on…
What you need to do based on that campaign and how to manage your marketing and sales based on the campaign…
What to do if you have an audience to generate more sales…
How to realign your audience for a very specific cash-based offer
How to re-develop your offer, quickly and effectively and within just a couple of hours
How to write social media posts on Instagram and Facebook for success with your cash campaign
How to run a few specific omnipresence ads to your existing audience to generate sales, more phone calls and more messages
How to use a simple Google document (like this one) to sell, without needing a funnel, landing page, lead magnet or anything else.
How I’ve used this campaign to generate over $1 million dollars and how I’ve helped others (with a couple use-case examples)
How to write emails to your email list (no matter the size) in this 7-day audience campaign
How to get people to pay you upfront, so you can use the money right now
How to use story-selling in order to allow people to say yes to your irresistible offer
How to go to your customers and generate more sales, allowing you to increase your lifetime value.
How to structure your finances and the proper way to repay debt or use credit (if you need to do this)
How to use Facebook Groups (if you have one) in order to generate revenue

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Mindvalley Collection

The Mindvalley
Education Model
Global change and new technologies like AI are disrupting work and careers. Traditional education never prepared you for this. We teach you how to thrive in this new world — with education that really matters for 2020 and beyond. But we don’t just stop with great education – we use AI and new technologies to create a powerful global network for you, connecting you with the right people, connections and transformation to build your best life.

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Chase Dimond Master Campaign Calendar Guide

What You Get:
The Master Campaign Calendar Guide by Chase Dimond is a PDF that contains 96 different email campaign ideas that can send for your brand or your clients brand(s) throughout the course of the year.

Think things like a best sellers campaign, refer a friend campaign, a Halloween campaign, a giveaway campaign, and 92 other campaign ideas.

For each campaign, I include 2-3 actual email examples, along with 2-3 subject lines and preview text.

Additionally, I breakdown the why/what for each campaign.

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