Julian Komar – Growth Traders Toolbox

What you will learn …

Get access to over 300 videos with more than 25 hours in total + 300 pages analyzed charts to train your chart reading skills!

US stocks only, medium term approach – no day trading! Perfect for part-time traders.

Risk management: How to calculate the right position size and manage single trade and portfolio risk.

Using stock screeners: Be consistent in your stock selection and reduce work.

Fundamental & technical analysis: Find high potential stocks which can move strongly.

Chart & volume patterns: Learn to read supply & demand in the chart.

300 analyzed stock charts as example to train your chart analysis skills! Will be extended to 600 charts soon …


In my more than 13 years of stock trading experience I learned a lot from other traders. I attended multiple mentorship programs to deepen my trading knowledge and experience.

Today I trade growth and momentum stocks with a systematic strategy and a holding period from weeks to months for winning trades and days for losing trades. That’s the style which perfectly fits to my personality.

I focus on discovering high potential, innovative companies which are able to grow their sales very fast and have a huge growth potential in future. That’s where my passion is! I spend 95% of all my energy in doing research and find potential super stocks.

In Growth Traders Toolbox I want to share my knowledge with you. You get insights into my own trading, inspiration for your own trading or a good foundation to start your trading career.

All the best for you!

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