Kathryn Porritt – 100K Offer System 2

If You Have a Profitable High-Ticket Offer, You Could Easily Start Selling It for $100K… Using This Unconventional Strategy

100s of Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers Have Used This Strategy to Start Charging $100K+ per Client…

Now You Can Too with our 100k Offer System 2.0

Your Business Will NEVER Be the Same After You Sell Your First $100K Offer


Knowing that just one or two sales covers all your expenses for an entire year will give you such peace of mind.

So instead of spending all this time figuring out where the next paycheck will come from, you’ll be able to focus on creating immense value for your clients.


No more tire-kickers, discount-seekers, and die-hards. $100K clients tend to be amazing, cooperative individuals.

They will appreciate every second of your time and you’ll have no issues getting them amazing results.


Jumping from one client to the next impairs your ability to focus and deliver your best work.

On the other hand, working with only a handful of amazing people allows you to take your time and create something extraordinary.


You know that big dream of yours? That massive project you keep postponing for “one day”?

Well, now you have the resources to hire a team and go after it.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

I’ll show you exactly how to get there.

Here’s what you’ll learn
Module 1: Your Perfect Position in the Market

As an Icon, you dominate your niche. This status lets you set your own pricing. We work through your Iconic positioning in the market to set you on your way.

Come away with the exact positioning that represents the Iconic YOU in the market, allowing you to dominate and tell people what you do easily.

Module 2: Your Perfect Offer

We take you deep into the most successful $100k+ offers and show you how to construct your perfect offer based on your expertise, market and the kind of experience YOU want to deliver.

Come away with the perfect 100K+ Offer for YOU. You’ll be able to craft the offer that you will LOVE to sell without giving away too much.

Module 3: Your Ideal Ultra-Premium Clients

Determining exactly who you want to sell your offer to is not as easy as selecting a celebrity name from People Magazine. We work on your dream client list and how to find them this week.

Come away with the most comprehensive “ideal avatar” process you have ever been through. Your marketing will never be the same again.

Module 4: Pitching Your First Offers

How to get a YES to a conversation is the first step. We walk you through the Invitation system to get the attention of your most ideal clients, and get a Heck Yes to a conversation.

Come away with the exact way to select and pitch to your ideal clients. This is WAY beyond a mainstream LinkedIn strategy!

Module 5: Luxury Sales System

Ultra Premium sales is completely different than mainstream. Don’t you dare give a fast-action bonus to a million dollar deal. We break down the sales system for luxury clients.

Come away with the most luxurious and personalized sales process you will ever encounter – and use it immediately.

Module 6: Luxury Marketing System

Want more and more $100k+ clients? Excellent! You’ll need the Luxury Marketing System to magnetize more of these luxury-level deals and truly build wealth with your Iconic brand.

Come away with the perfect marketing system to attract your 100k Offer clients and deals consistently.

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