Keaton Walker – Agency Dominance

Introducing the comprehensive and transformative course, Keaton Walker Agency Dominance. This meticulously designed program is your gateway to mastering the art of running a successful agency, offering a wealth of knowledge and practical tools to help you thrive in the competitive agency landscape.

The course is packed with a rich array of resources, including Agency Client Result SOPs, Templates, and Scripts, Agency Operations SOPs, Templates and Scripts, and Agency Sales SOPs & Slide Decks.

You’ll also gain access to weekly group support & training calls with Keaton Walker himself and a suite of battle-tested GoHighLevel Automations + Pipelines and Agency Funnels + Website.

Chapter 1: Welcome. Kickstart your journey with an introduction to the program, community engagement, and a unique opportunity to earn while you learn. Discover how to maximize the benefits of the course and start seeing returns on your investment as soon as possible.

Chapter 2: Business Foundations Dive deep into the core principles of building a successful agency. Learn to challenge conventional wisdom, understand your market, and choose your niche and services wisely.

Chapter 3: Business Housekeeping Get practical advice on setting up your business, from choosing a name and domain to registering your business and setting up a professional email. Learn about the best business credit cards and how to create an impactful agency logo.

Chapter 4: Mindset + Productivity Explore the power of mindset in business success and learn top productivity tips. Understand, define, evolve, and become the entrepreneur you aspire to be.

Chapter 5: The Business Model Uncover various business models and learn how to add value to your services.

Discover the model that suits your vision, from retainer and performance-based models to SaaS and consulting.

Chapter 6: Marketing Skills Database Master the art of turning strangers into paying customers. Learn about attention, copywriting, leads, and more. Get access to a proven appointment-setting script and effective landing page sequences.

Chapter 7: Marketing Yourself Learn how to craft compelling offers and implement effective inbound, hybrid, and outbound marketing strategies. Understand the difference between high authority and low authority offers.

Chapter 8: Sales Adopt a customer-centric mindset and learn the nuances of trust in inbound and outbound sales. Master the art of setting appointments and conducting successful sales calls.

Chapter 9: Onboarding Learn how to create a seamless onboarding process for your clients, including creating agreements and managing ad platform tech.

Chapter 10: Operations Understand the importance of a structured welcome call, client check-in calls, and how to manage a team effectively. Learn about onboarding and hiring a team.

Chapter 11: Marketing Results for Local Businesses Get a comprehensive overview of planning successful campaigns for local businesses, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Websites/SEO, TikTok Ads, and database reactivation.

Chapter 12: Marketing Results for Online Businesses Learn how to market online businesses effectively, focusing on Facebook Groups, content creation, YouTube Ads, and list farming.

The Keaton Walker course is a treasure trove of knowledge, tools, and strategies that will empower you to build and grow a successful agency. With this course, you’re not just learning but evolving into a dominant force in the agency world.

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