Keith Cunningham – Keys to the Vault

What YOU don’t know is what costs you MONEY.
If you’re investing to make money, you’re relying on either your emotions or your intellect. In two days, I will teach you to read, understand and USE the financial statements to make informed, intelligent, strategic business and investment decisions! The numbers tell a story – learn what they’re saying so you can make more solid financial decisions.

Do you feel totally out of your league when you hear these terms:

Assets, Accruals, Capitalization, Debt and Equity Financing, Financial Ratios, Key Performance Indicators?

How you will benefit…

Master how to read and use the numbers to avoid financial peril.
Learn how to spot the four critical ratios that will make or break a deal.
Identify the danger signals and warning signs that can cripple or destroy
your business.
Understand how to anticipate and manage financial crisis in your business.
Learn to spot profit drains immediately.
Learn which reports to request from your bookkeeper/accountant.
Learn to budget and utilize profit-planning tools, financial forecasting and
break-even analysis.
Make more informed decisions, impact the bottom line and save money.
Take control of your Financial Future.

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