Michael Oliver – How to Sell The Way People Buy

The #1 Proven Approach To Increase Your Sales Without Friction, Tension Or Resistance Using Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue
This complete online course walks you through step-by-step how to have your potent

What You Get Inside How to Sell The Way People Buy

Nobody Likes Being Sold
7 Success Tips

Lesson 1 – 9 Essential Basic Sales Skills
Essential Basic Sales Skills!
Skill #1: Your 3 Primary Objectives
Is There A Problem?
What They Want And Why They Want It
Establishing Their Level Of Desire And Commitment To Change
Skill #2: 4 Ways A Conversational Dialogue Can Start

Lesson 2 – Your Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue Frameworkter
Your Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue Framework
Addressing The Possible Elephant In The Room!
It’s About Them – Not About You!

Lesson 3 – The Connecting Stage
SMART Pre-Planning
10 Ways to Start Conversational Dialogues Without Tension
You Had Me At Hello!
Creating Your Own Personal Value Impact Statement
Outline a Problem
Outline Your Solution

Lesson 4 – The Discovering Stage
This Is Not A Linear Approach!
The Approach Never Differs.
Using Closed And Open-Ended Questions

Lesson 5 – The Discovering Stage Cont…
Discovering Stage Questions
Background Questions – BQ
Needs Awareness Questions – NAQ
A Financial Advisor Example
Needs Development Questions – NDQ
Values Centered Needs Development Questions

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