Million Dollar Newsletter Playbook

Internet Legend Finally Reveals His
Simple $20,000,000 Newsletter Formula

It’s no secret that Google sent a huge F.U. to all publishers late last year. I started updating my content in order to appease the beast, but I also started pivoting to building my newsletter.

Why? Because I refuse to constantly overhaul my site with every Google update, they keep moving the goalpost every time and frankly, I’m too old to be playing a perpetual game of ‘Simon Says’ with Google.

Well, serendipity is a funny thing. Pissed off at how Google is killing niche sites, I stumbled upon Scott Delong’s Twitter.

You might not know him by name, but the guy is nothing short of an internet legend. He’s known for creating Viral Nova that he sold for millions. But what I like most about him is that he made more money AFTER selling that site than he did before.

How? mostly through newsletter revenue or flipping them. My philosophy is, was and always will be…figure out who’s the best and learn from them. So after getting to know each other, I asked him if he would teach his newsletter formula (that made him $20 million) to the world.

He flat out refused. Why? Because the guy is pretty much anti-course. He said it himself “Most courses are regurgitation of stuff you can get for free”. I agreed.

So I told him to make it more of a playbook that revealed the actual steps of his methods instead of teaching theory. He liked that but then he threw me a curveball.

“Jon, why should I reveal how I build newsletters when I could instead build a newsletter empire and be more profitable?”

Touché. I couldn’t answer.

I didn’t push it. He was helping me out and my niche site’s newsletter was starting to take off like crazy. I hit $5,000 revenue in no time.

But then something happened. Out of the blue, he shoots me an email about creating a course that would reveal everything.

What changed his mind? He’s just too old for this stuff. He’s a new dad and just doesn’t have the energy anymore to build newsletters.

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