Rob Lennon – Build Powerful GPTs Course

Master the art of building powerful GPTs: Go from beginner to advanced techniques to configure GPTs to consistently produce the quality responses you want.
Equip your GPTs with knowledge: Learn both basic and advanced tricks for using files with GPTs and how to stop them from making stuff up.
Step up your game with advanced techniques: Dial in your bot’s personality and behavior with proven techniques that’ll leave you saying, “wow.”
Troubleshoot the tricky problems: Resolve complex issues like hallucinations and not following instructions using science-backed tactics.
By the end, you’ll be able to create a team of GPTs that make you better, faster, stronger in areas that move the needle for you.
What’s inside Build Powerful GPTs?
Bot Builder Blueprint:
Before we dive into the advanced work, get a solid set of foundations.
Learn the 3 main types of GPTs and how to use them to max potential
Discover how to format and structure your GPT prompts for different types of tasks and use cases
Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes when setting up your GPT instructions
By the end of the first module, you’ll have a solid understanding of GPTs and prompting you can build on.
Voice & Personality Design:
Get your GPT to sound and act with the personality and voice you want it to have.
Discover the 3 techniques for customizing your GPT’s unique “voice” ranging from simple to advanced.
Learn what information to add to your instructions that makes all the difference. It’s not always about more words. Just the right words.
Use my GPT to analyze your own content and create an instruction set that attempts to match your own writing style.
This is a tricky problem, but by the end of the course, you’ll have all the tools you need to solve it.
Break free of hallucinations and troublesome bots:
Learn both traditional methods and black magic techniques to get your GPT to do what you want (both backed by science).
You’ll learn:
How appeal to your GPT’s “emotions” to ensure compliance with your instructions
How to word your instructions for maximum effect
How to harden your bot against prompt stealing and keep your ideas safe
Exclusive access to 12 of my best GPTs:
Throughout the course, I show you exactly how I configure many of my own GPTs and give you access to over a dozen of them, including:
Module Image Creator — The GPT I used to create all the course artwork
Transform a Doc to a .TXT — A GPT that pre-processes PDFs and other documents for better handling inside other GPTs
Easily Hackable and Difficult to Hack GPTs — Example GPTs for you to try to steal prompts from
Writeprint Maker — Input some sample content and get a set of instructions to give an AI to emulate the style
Alex Hormozi $100M Offer Generator — An advanced GPT to come up with ideas for amazing offers using Alex Hormozi’s frameworks
Think Before You Act GPT — A GPT that has a series of thoughts before producing its output. Based on my favorite custom instructions.
Showing leadership in the AI moment will define your career. Learn how.

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