Kevin Anson Video Ad Bootcamp

This Is How Video Ad Bootcamp Works

You will learn everything you need to know about creating and structuring a high performing Video Ad for various platforms like FB, IG, and YT.
WARNING: The price of this Bootcamp will increase to $997 soon. You have the unique opportunity to learn a skill that 99% of entrepreneurs and marketers do not know, WHILE also getting an edge on your competition. You’ve been warned: This program will NEVER EVER be this cheap again.
Are you standing out from the competition online?
You ‘could’ hire me and my Video Ads Agency where my clients happily pay me well over $5,000 to strategize and consult on their Video Ad campaigns.
But lucky for you, I’m not going to ask you to hire me…
With everything in this program…
it’s worth well over .
I’ve been told by my clients that I should raise the price to over!
But hurry because the price is heavily discounted today at!
So don’t wait, you have to act fast…

Here’s A Fraction Of What You Get

  • Planning, Copywriting & scripting The Perfect Video Ads
  • Shooting& Sourcing The Perfect Content For Your Video Ads
  • Crafting/Editing ANY Video Into A High Converting Ad
  • BONUS: The Secret To High To Converting Meme Videos
  • BONUS: Extra Video Hacks To Increase The Conversions Of Any Video
  • BONUS: FB & IG Thumbnail Secrets Ensuring Your Ads Don’t Get Denied
  • BONUS: Dissecting Real Examples Of High Converting Ads
This Secret Video Ad Formula is the fastest path to creating highly profitable video ads…
What happens if you pass on this unique opportunity?
At this same time next year, will you still be stressed out about your business, unable to create videos or ads that could exponentially grow your business?
What happens if you DO decide to take action on this limited time offer right now?
(Most likely, the same thing that’s happened with so many of my other students who followed the formula I teach)
You start booking new leads while you sleep
You start growing you business and changing your life
You can even finally quit your day job if you have one…

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