Lawrence King 6 Figure Twitter

I’ll unveil hyper-specific tactics you can replicate to WIN BIG.
In this course, you’ll learn 3 things:
How to write tweets that get HIGH engagement
The best ways to grow your account
And most importantly, how to build credibility to turn followers into BUYERS
What can you expect to discover inside, exactly?
How to use silly jokes to “prime” people to want to buy from you
The best way to turn skeptics into buyers
My secret to turn gossip and current events into sales
The bizarre tweet template that’s almost guaranteed to get people to click on a link
A non-hypey way to create urgency
The truth about tweet length and formatting
How to use your past failures to create irresistible promo tweets
These techniques work if you have your own product or service… or if you have nothing to sell (yet.)

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Dave Nash The Zeus Almanac-Facebook Ads Strategy Guide

Strategies include:

• Zeus Launch Testing 1.0 (low budget)
• Zeus Launch Testing 2.0 (high budget)
• Zeus Method 1.0 (OG)
• Zeus Method 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0 for SCALING
• Complete beginners guide to setting up your first ad campaigns
• How to optimize your campaigns to scale from $0 to $20k+/day
• How to pick products to test with Facebook Ads
• How to create your image and video creatives (with real life examples)
• How to write ad copy for your FB ad descriptions
• How to choose interest targeting (broad, narrow, stacking)
• How to optimize your ads (know when to kill them)
• How to run retargeting on Facebook (high ROAS custom audiences)
• How to master manual bidding
• ….and MUCH MORE.

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Sunny Lenarduzzi Youtube for Bosses 3

YouTube for Bosses helps content creators, service providers, and business owners get in front of the right audience on the second biggest website in the world.

YouTube For Bosses has over 6 hours of comprehensive, instructional videos that walk you through the 4 phases of creating magnetic content on YouTube.

You’ll also get a download of Sunny’s YT4B Course Sheet that helps you follow these steps and keep all of your notes, ideas, and progress in one place!

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Instagram Unchained Latest Instagram Marketing Hacks

Break free from the chains of low engagement, slow growth, & no sales on Instagram with the latest strategies for 2021

  • Have you had some success on Instagram but the recent changes have made it difficult for you to succeed? This course will teach you exactly how to understand the changing algorithm and conquering it
  • This course gives you a bulletproof Instagram marketing strategy to follow instead of going in circles and trying random thing without achieving success as you have been doing
  • Struggling to sell your products on Instagram? You’ll learn 18 sales strategies that will help you get more sales than you can handle from Instagram
  • Poor reach and engagement? does going viral consistently seem impossible for you? time to break free from the chains of poor reach and start going viral and growing like crazy!

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