StockBee Bootcamp – European Members

This online bootcamp took place in March 2023. The event was recorded and is now available


Learn setups that allow you to trade during all types of market conditions. Understand market structure and how finding and entering setups early will make you more profitable and reduce risk. Learn how to swing trade as an active trader able to who is able monitor positions during market hours or as a working person who can only review market activity outside of trading hours.


Two ways to make money

Swing trading 3 to 5 days moves

EP, EP 9 and SIP

Process flow

SA Psychology

List of recordings

Day 1 (2 hours)

Market structure

Momentum burst

MB bullish setups

Day 2 (2 hours)

Bottom bounce



Day 3 (2 hours)

Managing the trade

High win rate


Day 4 (5 hours)


Bearish MB

Life changing EP

EP 9 million


Process loop

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