Suzy Crawford – Freelancer To CEO

Proven business strategies that will save you time and money…and help you transform your business into a six figure empire.
Live coaching support dedicated to help you hit your income and business goals: This is not a do-it-yourself course. You will have close support from me to help you hit your goals. I will be in your business working with you and supporting you to meet and exceed your goals!

Access to industry leading content: Freelancer to CEO is made up of industry leading training content designed to get you to the next level. This is not your average program. The material inside this program has been curated to cover everything from building to launching and scaling your business using the knowledge I gained working with top brands like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

The most comprehensive content modules you could hope for: When we say comprehensive…we mean it.

Inside Freelancer to CEO you are getting content that covers:

👉Magnetic marketing
👉 Content marketing
👉 Copywriting
👉 Digital marketing
👉 Funnels
👉 Ads
👉 Email writing
👉 Launch strategies
👉 Sales
👉 and so much more

A tight-knit community and top tier coaching support: Freelancer to CEO offers group coaching, Q&A calls, content audits, and a close-knit and active community. You will never feel alone and will have all the support that you need to scale beyond your wildest dreams.

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