The Copywriting Crossroads Summit

Discover the Best Human Element Copy Categories that will increase in demand for 2024…
Choose where YOU can specialize based on your existing experience and natural abilities…
Meet “Best In Category” copywriters who are leveraging the hybrid model to absolutely thrive in the new standard…
Connect with the companies and clients who are hiring Human Element copywriters to bring their campaigns to life…
Customize your 111 Day Action Plan to stay in demand starting in December and propelling you throughout 2024 and beyond…
PLUS, my team will be hands-on in the chat and during break-out sessions to give you all the help you need to get clear, confident, and ready to have the best year ever in your copywriting career!
The Copywriting Crossroads At Which We Stand

It’s time to REDEFINE what it means to be a “copywriter” in 2024 and beyond.

A Copywriter is NO LONGER:

✗ Page filler (information-based articles and posts)

✗ Title writer (Social posts, videos, podcasts, taglines)

✗ Content Provider (Blog posts, podcast show notes, SEO)

A Copywriter GOING FORWARD is a:

✓ Researcher (Seeing beyond the data and engaging in dialogue)

✓ Storyteller (Finding and telling nuanced stories relevant to the customer)

✓ Strategist (Planning campaigns with real time market conditions)

✓ Resonator (Guiding voice of brand and the human voices behind the brand)

✓ Connector (Engaging as a human with the market to understand core desires)

✓ Convertor (Utilizing know, like, trust, and urgency to convert the sale)

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