The Notion Bible

Table of content
Chapter 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: Introduction to Notion
Lesson 2: How to learn Notion
Lesson 3: Starting with the basics & building
Lesson 4: Common resources for learning Notion
Chapter 2: Learning Notion

Lesson 5: The basics of Notion
Lesson 6: Blocks in Notion
Lesson 7: Database Introduction
Lesson 8: Advanced Database features
Lesson 9: Advanced Notion features

Chapter 3: Notion Uses

Lesson 10: Notion for Personal Use
Lesson 11: Notion for Work
Lesson 12: Notion for Education
Lesson 13: Notion for Creatives
Lesson 14: Notion for Productivity & Time Management
Lesson 15: Notion for Entrepreneurs
Lesson 16: Notion for Developers
Lesson 17: Notion for Designers
Lesson 18: Notion for Health & Wellness

Chapter 4: Conclusion

Lesson 19: Collaborating in Notion
Lesson 20: Troubleshooting Notion issues
Lesson 21: Future of Notion
Lesson 22: Notion alternatives and comparisons

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