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Part of building a brand is what you do on your site (That’s what “Building a Niche Site Brand” is all about), but it is also getting diverse traffic sources. Google Discover is one of the best ones because it’s tailor-made for publishers like you and me.

In case you’ve been considering Discover, I’m offering you the chance to get my Playbook on this page only. I’ve got years and 4 million clicks from GD under my belt that I reveal everything I know in 8 actionable chapters.

Curious about what’s inside? Here’s what’s revealed in each chapter…

7 Keys to getting into Discover

Did you know? If your site is ranking on Google, it’s eligible for Google Discover. But just because it’s eligible doesn’t mean Google’s going to start sending you traffic. No sirree. Luckily, I’ve identified the 7 key factors to get your articles featured in Discover. You’ll find the tell-all in chapter 1.

Hijacking news content

Fun fact: Discover just LOVES fresh content. In this chapter I reveal how to hijack news content in order to “tempt” Google into discovering your site. Includes done-for-you ChatGPT / AI prompt to make things easier than ever.

Decoding the recommendation engine

One of the best things you can do when it comes to Discover decoding the recommendation engine. It doesn’t matter how it works, just as long as you can pick up on what it tends to recommend. In chapter 2, I reveal how to find out what’s constantly working for your niche.

NEW traffic on OLD articles

You don’t need to be creating new content over and over to feed the Discover beast. In fact I have a way to get NEW traffic from OLD articles. With a mix of old and new articles, it’s an endless loop of traffic that can be VERY profitable when done right.

Articles that are irresistible to Discover

A huge part of the reason why you’ve never enjoyed Discover traffic is simply because your articles are too vanilla.
Not trying to judge or start a beef here, it’s just that there is a certain type of content that is irresistible to both Discover and users. Find out what type of content this is in chapter 8.

6 Elements of wildly successful articles

I’ve been enjoying Discover traffic for years. After a while, I’ve started to notice patterns about all of my most successful Google Discover articles. I reveal what these 6 patterns are in chapter 7.

What Google doesn’t want you to know

Google always keeps its secrets close to its chest. Good news is, we have the Department Of Justice to force them to reveal their hands. And boy did they. This chapter is all about what you can do to exploit the admissions of Google’s own employees for your site!

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