Wyckoff Analytics – Anticipating Market Action

Renowned trader-educator Damon Pavlatos will introduce you to Market Profile and Volume Analytics, which offer a formidable price-volume complement to the Wyckoff Method and other trading systems. Market Profile analysis is premised on the notion that any freely traded market behaves like an auction. This allows us to zero in on where the more patient, well-informed, deep-pocketed buyers and sellers are most active, giving us insight into the strength of Supply and Demand at different price levels. Plotting the relative volume of trades occurring at specific prices, Market Profile charts isolate value zones identified and created by institutions, helping retail traders to see order flow and to anticipate directional bias during consolidations (in any time frame) as well as price levels where reversals are likely to occur.

Many traders have heard of Market Profile analysis or seen charts with multi-colored horizontal volume histograms, but have little knowledge of how extraordinarily well this approach shows the real-time dynamics of Supply and Demand in relation to different prices. With his decades of experience in trading using Market Profile and Volume Analytics, Damon demystifies these charts in presenting a foundational three-webinar course that all traders – from novice to advanced – can benefit from.

Session 1

The origins of Market Profile analysis.

An introduction to Auction Theory and its practical importance to trading

How to use Market Profile to determine who is driving the market

Session 2

Market Profile has advanced using Volume Analytics

These tools identify when markets are in a trend or consolidation mode

His floor-trading experience was transformed to the screen

Session 3

Using Auction Theory and technical analysis together to spot trade flow

Diving deep into the 24-hour markets using Market Profile

Finalizing how to integrate his 41 years of trading experience and knowledge into a trading plan

Reviewing the material from all 3 classes.

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